I very recently posted about my day trip to Paris as it’s one of my favourite cities to visit. Every time is different, and this time I went with my sister to celebrate her birthday. We visited Paris a few times when we were younger so the tourist bits were all done. The plan was to roam different neighbourhoods, eating and drinking whatever we fancied.

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I absolutely *love* England. I’m really starting to explore the country and all the quirky accommodations that come with different destinations. I’ve wanted to go to Dorset for a while now as I’ve seen lots of photos. Durdle Door, the most photographed landmark that’s part of the Jurassic Coast, was just as nice as I imagined.

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I’ve been to New York City so many times. I tried counting over the holidays and it’s around the 10ish mark. However, I’ve visited through the ages – my first trip was when I was about 9, then through my teens, then as a student, then as a young adult, and now…whatever 27 comes under. View Post

Because Paris is always a good idea, I spent my birthday this year catching the Eurostar for a day trip to the city of Love. I’ve been to Paris a few times and still love it. I really can’t pinpoint why, but the architecture, spotting the Eiffel tower and eating pain au chocolats to my heart’s content makes it a really fun time, every time.

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I only spent four days in Copenhagen but felt that was enough. It’s a quirky place with locals looking effortlessly chic, and lots of hip coffee shops. We walked everywhere, often hitting 10,000 steps before 2pm. View Post

This trip was so nice, so scenic, and just amazing. We flew from London to Marseille, rented a car and drove down to the French Riviera. View Post

This was the second time I’ve ever been on a cruise, and about 20 years later. My overall view on cruises is that they’re fun and relaxing, especially because everything’s included and you don’t really have a hectic schedule. View Post

Cappadocia is as beautiful in real life as it is on social media (asides from the over edited ones). This gorgeous place in Turkey is famously known for the hot air balloons in the sky at just the right time with just the perfect weather. View Post