Hello! Dublin has been on my list since I lived in Canada. And now I’ve been back for seven-ish years, I finally made it there.

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Well there we have it, we’re officially in Twixmas 2021. This is the first year I’ve heard the term but I somehow knew exactly what it meant: the period after Christmas and before New Year’s. A time to relax, blur the days and dates and just be. I’ve been chilling in my Christmas loungewear and slippers watching Selling Tampa on Netflix. Loving every minute.

It’s uncertain what January 2022 will bring in terms of more restrictions (or not) so I thought it might be helpful to share a few fun things to do at home that don’t involve binge watching Netflix or napping. Over the past two years I’ve tried a few different meal kits, activities etc in an attempt to make the weekends feel like an actual break before walking over to my chair again to start the week. Hope these suggestions are helpful and let me know what you plan to try or have already tried!

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Hello, it’s been a while! I write to you with a NYC Thanksgiving special. My first NYC blog post was over the Christmas period, and now I’ll share Thanksgiving. View Post

Now that my OCI (overseas citizenship of India) card has come in, I plan to make many more trips to India. This trip was for a friend’s wedding so while Goa was never really on the cards for me, it seemed like the perfect excuse to visit.

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I’ve been to New York City so many times. I tried counting over the holidays and it’s around the 10ish mark. However, I’ve visited through the ages – my first trip was when I was about 9, then through my teens, then as a student, then as a young adult, and now…whatever 27 comes under. View Post

This was the second time I’ve ever been on a cruise, and about 20 years later. My overall view on cruises is that they’re fun and relaxing, especially because everything’s included and you don’t really have a hectic schedule. View Post

Cappadocia is as beautiful in real life as it is on social media (asides from the over edited ones). This gorgeous place in Turkey is famously known for the hot air balloons in the sky at just the right time with just the perfect weather. View Post