Can’t travel at the moment? Keep it interesting at home

Well there we have it, we’re officially in Twixmas 2021. This is the first year I’ve heard the term but I somehow knew exactly what it meant: the period after Christmas and before New Year’s. A time to relax, blur the days and dates and just be. I’ve been chilling in my Christmas loungewear and slippers watching Selling Tampa on Netflix. Loving every minute.

It’s uncertain what January 2022 will bring in terms of more restrictions (or not) so I thought it might be helpful to share a few fun things to do at home that don’t involve binge watching Netflix or napping. Over the past two years I’ve tried a few different meal kits, activities etc in an attempt to make the weekends feel like an actual break before walking over to my chair again to start the week. Hope these suggestions are helpful and let me know what you plan to try or have already tried!

     1. Take an online cooking class run by migrant and refugee chefs

Migrateful is a wonderful charity that supports migrants and refugees struggling to rebuild their lives by running authentic cooking classes with meals from their home country. You can choose the country of cuisine and there are both veg and non veg classes. I made a delicious vegetarian Lebanese meal in my class last year and also gifted a cooking class to a family member this Christmas. Highly recommend!

     2. Enjoy a deck of Love Your Company prompt cards

Yes this is my business and yes, I genuinely recommend the experience. In fact, I’ve actually played my own cards at home more than once and it’s always been insightful. I’ve curated over 50 prompt cards (more in the works) that encourage self reflection and the chance to share things about yourself, your perspectives on life, how you feel about the person you’re playing with, and so much more. No matter how many times I’ve seen my prompt cards, I always take a moment to think about my answer. It’s all about interpretation and the way you answer the prompts is entirely up to you. Follow @loveyourcompany_ on Instagram to get a feel for the cards and DM to order.


     3. Have a pizza party at home with Pizza Pilgrims’ meal kit

This is a fun one! It’s a pizza making kit by London restaurant chain Pizza Pilgrims and very simple to make. Each kit comes with a minimum of two personal pizzas and all ingredients/toppings/step-by-step. The instructions are easy to follow and you simply select the date you want to receive your box. We also ordered the Nutella dessert and gifted a kit over lockdown for my friend’s birthday.

     4. Support Cafe Van Gogh

Cafe Van Gogh is one of my favourite vegan cafes in Brixton. They are a social enterprise with an amazing ethos and make the most delicious vegan food. They also work alongside a learning disability employment charity and train people with additional challenges to build their confidence and skills at work. Great food and a greater social purpose – win win.

Cafe Van Gogh don’t do regular home meal kits but follow them on Instagram @cafevangoghldn as they’ve done themed meal kits in the past (like Valentines day). It’s definitely worth trying if they come back but until then, get down there if you can.

     5. Try a dance fitness workout on YouTube

I love a dance workout. It’s good fun and gets you moving and sweating. My punjabi roots always take me to this one Bhangra fitness workout I discovered last year. I love the music tracks and it keeps me in the mood to dance all the way through. And you don’t have to be a good dancer to enjoy a dance workout, just keep moving. Enjoyment is key! Here’s the video if you want to give it a try!

PS – A few more home experiences that I haven’t tried yet but have heard good things about, include:

  • Sculpd (pottery making)
  • Six by Nico (home meal kit)
  • Nonna Tonda (fresh pasta meal kit) recently tried as I love pasta and veg option was tasty

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