Lost Meadow Treepod, Cornwall

Time Out London recently featured the famous Treepod in Cornwall. I don’t think many people know what it is but it seems to pop up occasionally on social media so people recognize it. I stayed in the Treepod about three summers ago and it was definitely an experience.

It was one of my first trips taken when I moved to England in 2015 and remember seeing a photo and thinking wow – I have never stayed in one of these before. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos at the time so only managed to find this one in my Facebook history.

I still get asked lots of questions about the Treepod and funnily enough (well not really), it’s never what people expect and therefore not always an ideal fit.

Behind the scenes:

  • The first point worth mentioning is that the Treepod is located in a very remote part of Bodmin, Cornwall, with nothing but trees surrounding. As you get closer you’ll have to follow the directions given in writing as you will lose Google maps and signal on your phone.
  • You will park near the communal toilets (no en suite for you) and the walk to the Treepod is a few minutes through a forest and into a private secluded area.
  • Because you’re staying in a treehouse, you’re expected to cook your meals on the BBQ provided. Make sure you do all your grocery shopping beforehand or in a large town on your way. Once you get closer, it will become long winding roads with nowhere to stop. Be sure to plan accordingly.
  • There’s a small log burner in the Treepod which heats it up. I went in summer so don’t remember feeling cold at all.
  • The Treepod does not cater to families. There are two single beds (slightly bigger maybe) so either you get cozy in one bed or two people can sleep comfortably in both.
  • You will have to make that small walk through the forest every time you have to go to the toilet.
  • There are some walks around Bodmin Moor so it’s worth doing a quick Google to see what’s around.
  • Despite all the ‘harsh realities’ stated above, having no signal/wifi made for a great weekend of quality bonding, cooking and board games.

Final Thoughts: 

Personally, I really enjoyed this trip. If you can switch off and are adaptable to basic living for a weekend then you’ll appreciate the experience. Yes it requires a bit of planning but once you have everything you’re set. I suppose you could choose to drive out everyday and stay in town, but I think the beauty of the Treepod is that it’s so secluded and allows you to just be.

PS – take things to do like board games, cards or outdoor activities. Unless you’re using this time to write or work on a project that doesn’t require the internet, there’s nothing to do but enjoy the open space around you.

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