Dorset, England

I absolutely *love* England. I’m really starting to explore the country and all the quirky accommodations that come with different destinations. I’ve wanted to go to Dorset for a while now as I’ve seen lots of photos. Durdle Door, the most photographed landmark that’s part of the Jurassic Coast, was just as nice as I imagined.

Durdle Door was actually named England’s first natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. Other famous natural wonders that you’re probably familiar with include The Grand Canyon (USA) and Great Barrier Reef (Australia). The power of the waves eroded the rock, forming an arch and hole in the middle.

Behind the scenes:

  • You can park up at the top and walk down. The walk down to the water is nice and you can stop at various points for scenic shots. I expect in summer it’s busy with people basking in the sun. There are a lot of walking paths with different views so you’re free to roam.
  • London to Durdle Door is about a 2.5 hour drive
  • Right by the car park, overlooking Durdle Door and the sea is Durdle Door Holiday Park. It’s perfectly situated for chills, sunrises, sunsets, and cider with a view. I made a point to Google this holiday park as it was in a really great location and it has a range of accommodation types – camping, glamping pods and caravans/holiday homes. I’d definitely recommend location, so if this is something you’d like, check out the website for rates and dates.
  • We found a very quirky barn on a farm about 45 mins from Durdle Door. With limited wifi (basically none), a fireplace and brick walls it made for the most relaxing weekend.
  • Wine, cheeseboard and a roaring fire. It really is the little things.
  • Equally as important: a blanket and coco pops (70% coco pops 30% milk)

Final Thoughts:

  • I would definitely recommend Dorset. We also took a day trip to West Bay, indulging in some cream tea and a leisurely walk. I wouldn’t say we had a packed itinerary, but if this is the case I would recommend you like your accommodation. If it’s not well connected to a nearby town or walking paths, you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors. We wanted a more relaxing trip this time so we prioritized our accommodation over location.

PS – if you’re driving from London, see if your route can take you via Stonehenge. Ours did on the way back by total chance! It was great because neither of us had been before. We caught a glimpse of it just before it got dark –  a nice little surprise.

Durdle Door

Durdle Door

West Bay

West Bay

A small village on the way to West Bay


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