Solo day trip to Paris

Because Paris is always a good idea, I spent my birthday this year catching the Eurostar for a day trip to the city of Love. I’ve been to Paris a few times and still love it. I really can’t pinpoint why, but the architecture, spotting the Eiffel tower and eating pain au chocolats to my heart’s content makes it a really fun time, every time.

I had no set agenda for the day, I just knew that walking around Paris would be exciting. The plan was to roam without my Google maps, and eat and drink whatever I fancied. I did meet up with an old friend who’s currently working in Paris for lunch. Catch ups with friends after years apart is always nice.

I lucked out with the weather for mid-October as it was a mild sunny day. The River Seine had a few pop up bars full of people enjoying the sun over a drink. There were also a lot of gold locks dotted around on various bridges I crossed. I didn’t stumble across the original love lock bridge this time, but the sentiment has been spread to other parts of Paris.

I still love visiting the Eiffel Tower and catching glimpses of it wherever you are, and this time I just walked in the direction of it, hoping to end up right under the iron legs. I spent my last hour in Paris with a glass of vino just staring at the Eiffel tower. Black beret and ray bans on, I was content.

Behind the scenes:

  • Try to book your Eurostar during the seat sale. Subscribe to their emails for alerts on when the seat sale starts.
  • Paris is an easy city to visit as a solo traveler. Most people speak English (although they may not be keen to), and with the help of Google maps or a walking map, it’s easy to navigate your way around.
  • Download the DOJO app (location: Paris) for a range of things to do within various budgets in your area. They have every category including food, drinks, secret spots, date night etc.

Final thoughts:

  • Not related to Paris specifically, but I highly recommend people take solo trips. It’s good for your confidence, and the best part is you’re on your own schedule. You learn how to be comfortable on your own pretty quickly, when you realize that if you don’t do that thing right now, you’ll simply miss out.

PS – Le Café Marly has a nice view overlooking the Louvre. Quite pricey, but so worth it.

View from Le Café Marly

View from Le Café Marly

View from across the Pont d’Iéna bridge

River Seine

Grand Café Tortoni

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