Camping in The New Forest, England

The New Forest is a really beautiful part of South England with wild ponies roaming! It’s about a two hour drive from London and has some beautiful green scenery on the way. We opted for camping this time — my first time in England, and since a teenager.

Behind the scenes:

  • This trip required some planning and a long list of things to pack. Not only are you packing your clothes, extra layers and toiletries, but also all your food, drinks, sleeping bags, stove, coal etc. The fun of camping for me is cooking your own meals on the fire and having your hair and clothes smell like campfire for days after.
  • Camping is generally affordable, but of course, a completely different experience. As long as you’re open to sitting around a fire, wearing layers and getting to sleep in the dark, it’s an experience worth having!
  • The New Forest ponies are a treat to be around. Go for a walk anywhere in the area and you’ll definitely see them. One of the photos below is in a pub car park!

Final thoughts:

  • I would definitely recommend The New Forest. It’s scenic, and again, the ponies are amusing no matter how much you see them.
  • Camping makes for a cheap and cheerful weekend away, and you really do switch off and make the best of it.

PS – the most underrated but important thing that you might forget are matchsticks! They seem so insignificant…until you can’t start your fire! Lucky for us our campsite shop had them in stock!

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